Imagine a huge external hard drive that is no longer in your office and offering security, agility, flexibility & cost reduction …

The principle of Cloud is outsourcing data storage and software applications on one or more remote servers.

In fact, it is a highly flexible set of solutions allowing you to optimize business processes especially in terms of collaborative work, mobility, customer relationship, project management or any business your company need.

  • No initial investment
  • No server infrastructure costs
  • Logical and physical security level much higher than solutions on premise
  • No updates (except for certain business applications)
  • Extremely rapid deployment in the existing information system everywhere in the same time
  • Application Tools harmonized
  • Ease of use for your collaborators and access on their mobile devices everywhere all around the world
  • The workload of your IT staff is redeployed on your business projects
  • Most solutions are available as a subscription per user, therefore you can adjust precisely your needs (upwards or downwards) depending on the evolution of your business and only pay for what you need.