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About us

Aboneo is an innovative technology and management consulting firm offering high added-value services in business transformation.

The company was founded in 2007 in Geneva by a team of highly experienced professionals with a common passion for new technologies and innovation.

Our project coaches and accelerators understand your needs and answer your business challenges beyond expectations through an in-depth industry knowledge and digital transformation expertise.

They use proven agile project methodologies based on over 15 years of experience to turn your business software challenges into success.

From digital thinking to digital transformation, Aboneo is your next project accelerator.

Only external digital transformation expertise can help traditional companies to accelerate their projects through experimentation and iteration.

Unlike enterprises that were born in the digital age, traditional companies must build their future growth, including digital, on a legacy foundation. Timelines have drastically accelerated, while most companies would have been comfortable in the past going through a five-year business transformation, they realize that going faster is a must-do.

  • Within three years the duration of a business digital project will be halved.
  • Within three years, there will be no more IT project managers, but project accelerators delivering the business vision.

Every business department and IS/IT department need external project accelerators to manage their digital transformation faster.
We want to become a leading company in agile and innovative project acceleration consulting, assisting our clients to transform and optimize their business through new technologies.

Meet the team

Our consultants have passion for business transformation and new technologies. They have significant experience working alongside and as leader and manager, in various sectors and environments (Industry, Retail, Pharma, Luxury, Finance, Public and NGO). 

With a strong level of expertise and industry knowledge, they are delivery oriented to provide value and results.


We would love to get to know you!

Our consultants have the same passion for innovation.
Every mission, every customer is a new challenge where they are fully involved in the innovation process.

If you would like to give your carrer a fresh start to, please send your resume and a cover letter to