We complement your internal teams in your business transformation journey, filling your internal skills by our depth expertise in Change Management, Project Management and Business Analysis.

Aboneo is a services company specialized in transformation consulting for HR, Finance & IT functions (mostly digital).
We support medium-sized organizations in their transformation, bringing our expertise in change management, project management and business analysis.

We take as a principle that our capacity to change, fastly, constantly, and successfully, is possible by setting up a hybrid team, made of internal resources – who know best the business and the organization culture – and external resources – who bring their energy, their experience & methodology from previous projects, as well as a neutral approach, which are source of creativity and innovation.

This win-win combination enables to form ONE team, sharing a common objective and strong values :  Excellence, Engagement, Innovation, Humility, Collaboration.

By sharing your organization codes and our knowledge, we setup a the basis for a favorable environment to create together, which make us, as a team, moving faster and safer, while making internal teams autonomous before the end of the transformation.

We are sharing and applying strong values in each of our missions:


A successful transformation is possible by looking for a tailored solution, aligned with your needs and reinforced by a depth knowledge of the market.


A neutral look, a multitude of experiences, a right to make mistakes, keys to come with innovative solutions.


Getting your satisfaction and your reference is the best recognition of our accomplishments.


Because we are first human beings, curiosity, open-mindness, challenging ourselves matter most.


An exciting job because made of exchanges, sharing, which are the basis for a trustful and close relationship.

We also stick to the following principles:


Engaged, mobilized, they can take better decisions and deliver faster and better.


While supporting organizations in their transformation journey, we contribute to the Swiss market expansion.