Why joining us?

Human capital is at the heart of Aboneo’s strategy, we take particular care in recruiting our employees by focusing on the right balance between know-how and behaviour. We strive to:

  • share a common vision, mission and values
  • offer interesting projects, where everyone can bring their added value but also learn and create
  • Strengthen collaboration by offering regular opportunities to exchange and share on projects
  • Recruit diverse profiles to create an environment that encourages innovation and the generation of new ideas
  • Establish a culture of regular feedback (e.g. recognition of efforts, identification of areas for improvement, adjustment of objectives, sharing of development perspectives)
  • offer financial conditions commensurate with skills and experience
  • ensure a balance between professional and personal life, by implementing flexible working methods, which most often result in increased motivation and efficiency at work

Building employee loyalty also involves our commitment to:

  • providing a close management, which includes setting objectives at the beginning of the year in accordance with the employee’s missions, followed by regular interviews throughout the year, and a recognition of merit
  • allow the employee to actively participate in the development of Aboneo through the contribution of prospects or candidates, which is achieved through a financial reward system
  • give visibility to the employee beyond their current mission
  • offer training courses in line with the market needs and the aspirations of the employees
  • organize monthly events (3rd Thursday of each month) to maintain our team spirit, through the sharing of experiences, the identification of synergies in the framework of an internal mutual aid approach
  • building interest groups and knowledge bases around our preferred subjects
  • for new employees, an integration process, through the identification of a mentor and the follow-up of a program spread over 6 months, to ensure a lasting and sustainable integration
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