At aboneo, we take pride in offering highly personalized personnel delegation services to meet the specific needs of each client. We understand that every business has unique personnel requirements, which is why we are committed to working closely with you to understand your needs and offer candidate profiles that best match your requirements.

Our personnel delegation offering includes a wide range of professional profiles such as Project Managers, Business Consultants, Change Managers, and experts at all levels. Our highly qualified candidates are rigorously selected to ensure that they have the required technical skills and professional abilities to meet your needs.

We also provide long-term support to ensure that your projects continue to benefit from adequate support and that team members working for you are aligned with your mission and objectives. Our goal is to create long-term working relationships with our clients and become a true partner in the growth and success of your business.

Fondamentals 4 Pillars :

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Quality of our Consultants

  • Level
    Mission Follow-up
    Career Tracking

Aboneo Fundamentals

  • Created in 2007
  • Privately held 
  • Consultancy spirit for our consultant


  • Swiss Law
  • Federal Law on LSE

Organisation of service delivery

  • Ressource Partner
  • Sourcing team
  • ERP Applicant tracking system