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Our passion and commitment: Realize your transformation strategy for a nimble, high-performing, and successful company.

We specialize in setting up project organizations that are designed to positively impact the people of your company. We understand that business transformation is not just about implementing new processes and tools, but also about ensuring that the users adopt and embrace these changes

Success stories

Proficiency with the technologies developed by software providers is a crucial asset and represents a key pillar of our consulting strategy.

”We know that business and digital transformation projets are always complex, which is why we work closely with and strengthen your internal teams to achieve your specific business objectives. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help you structure, execute and secure your transformation projects and improve your operations, employee and customer experience.”

Eric Ceillier – Managing Partner


We specialize in three key positions for implementing your transformations. By combining the expertise of these professions, we are able to support you throughout the digital transformation process, from planning to implementation, to help you achieve your goals.

They trust us

“Assisting businesses in their transformation is not only a service, but a tribute to the progress and prosperity of our market. By enabling companies to adapt to changing circumstances and embrace innovation”

“we want to contribute to the growth and success of Switzerland’s economy”.

Edouard Wattinne – Partner


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