We are committed to supporting all businesses, regardless of their size or industry, in their digital transformation and their search for performance. That is why we have developed an innovative consulting offering that includes design thinking, tapping into the collective intelligence present in all organizations. Our goal is to accompany you in meeting the innovation and creativity needs of your organization.

Our approach is characterized by an empathetic tone, aiming to understand the challenges and aspirations of each business, as well as its stakeholders. We make a point of co-constructing with our clients a customized approach that takes into account their context, culture, and specificities.

The design thinking approach we propose in this offering consists of several stages:

  1. Discovery: We conduct a phase of research and exploration to understand the company’s challenges, stakeholder expectations, and market opportunities. This step allows us to frame the problem to be solved.
  2. Immersion: We organize co-creation workshops with the company’s teams to stimulate creativity and innovation. We use design thinking methods to explore new paths and generate ideas.
  3. Design: We select the best ideas generated during the immersion and transform them into concrete concepts. We create prototypes and models to test solutions with stakeholders.
  4. Implementation: We accompany the company in implementing the selected solution. We propose an action plan and regular follow-up to ensure project success.

Edouard, an expert in innovative approaches, has several years of experience in managing innovative projects in the healthcare sector using design thinking.

Having worked for companies of all sizes, he has a great empathy for understanding his clients’ needs. He is capable of conducting a thorough business analysis and co-creating innovative solutions through design thinking workshops, enabling the implementation of strategies to meet market needs.

His skills in facilitation and project management were recognized during his tenure at one of Europe’s largest university hospitals. He is a speaker in training programs in audit and management control in healthcare establishments and healthcare management, as well as a jury member for a healthcare innovation competition. Edouard holds a master’s degree in healthcare facility management, and has completed more than 40 missions.


This innovative consulting offering is a real opportunity for companies looking to stand out, innovate, or address challenges.

We are convinced that this offering and our design thinking approach can truly accompany your company in moving from design thinking to design doing and implementing collaborative and innovative solutions.

We strive to bring a fresh and creative vision, as well as sharp expertise to successfully carry out each project. Contact us to discover how we can help you meet the challenges of your organization.